7 Key Steps For a Successful Wellness Program

  • Oct 22, 2010

7 steps to a successful wellness incentive programAccording to the Wellness Councils of America, there are seven steps that are crucial for running a successful wellness program at your workplace.

1) The first step of a wellness program is the leadership from a senior-level executive. This leadership can be found in various levels of support—including the communication of the wellness objectives, the way the resources are allocated for the program, to whom the program is delegated to and the role the officer will play in the program’s success, promotion and execution.

2) The second step of a wellness program lies in creating a team of workers and dividing the responsibility of the work among the workers. Choosing the right personnel is crucial to the success or failure of any wellness program initiative.

3) The third step lies in the careful collection of facts on organizational health, health of employees, workplace environment, output and security of employees. Like any important program, garbage in…garbage out. Do not skimp on this step in the rush to get a wellness program kicked off just for the sake of announcing a wellness program. (more…)

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