5 Things to Consider When Buying Promotional Pedometers

  • Oct 30, 2012

Tips for Buying Pedometers for Your Corporate Wellness Program

Tips for choosing the right promotional pedometer

5 Tips to Help Choose the Right Promotional Pedometer- Courtesy of WellnessIncentivesPlus.com

Austin, Texas: When planning a wellness program incentive, most people immediately think of imprinted pedometers.

In fact, promotional pedometers are the number one gift given to kick off or launch a wellness program and the top gift for wellness incentives and rewards.

With so many types and styles to choose from, here are some tips to help you to narrow down your selection of pedometers.

Features: When a person is buying a single pedometer for their own usage, their choices range depending on their own needs. Some will choose pedometers that tie in to a web portal, like Nike Plus or one of the dozen or so other apps in the marketplace. However, when buying pedometers to use a wellness rewards or incentives, then simplicity and budget are the two most important factors.

Depending on your budget, stick with as few features as possible, so you do not need to spend much, if any, time explaining to each employee how to get it started. It should be simple to operate and measure steps, with a easy-to-read LCD screen. The pedometers should also have a clip feature, as most people will want to clip it to, or near, their belt.

Accuracy: Regardless of the cost, people will want an accurate pedometer. Now, I have tested and used dozens of pedometers – including the one on my iPod – and they all need adjustment to stride for the best and most accurate reading. Most of the promotional pedometers are pretty accurate and there is a direct correlation between wholesale price and accuracy–which means the more you spend, the more accurate the reading will be. Most of the imprinted pedometers available that cost above $3 offers the precision that you would want for best results.

Price Point: If the pedometers are handed out at health fairs or to kick off a wellness program, $2-$4 is the most popular price point that we see. There are dozens of pedometer models and styles to choose from in this category.

However, if the pedometers are awarded for milestone achievement–reaching 100,000 steps for example — then $5-$10 is the most popular price category for these pedometer awards. Again, there are dozens of pedometer styles in that price category and they tend to have a few more bells and whistles-and are more deserving for an award.

BMI Measures or Guides: Although having a BMI guide on a pedometer is a nice added feature, it should only be considered for higher end pedometers (over $5). You would be better off spending the money on a more accurate and higher quality pedometer than one with added features– as this feature does not get used by recipients as often as you would prefer.

Solar Powered or Battery Powered: Although we are starting to see more companies inquire about solar powered pedometers, this feature should only be considered for higher priced pedometers ($5 or more), as accuracy and quality of construction are still the top two features one should budget for.

We hope you will consider using pedometers for your next wellness program or fitness campaign.

There is no one perfect fit for every person – but a quality pedometer should be able to accommodate the majority of your needs –which is to get your employees up and walking around more often.

Please let us know how we can help in choosing the one to best fit your budget and needs.

Here’s to a healthier workforce.