5 Products For A Spa Day At Home

  • Apr 27, 2020

Brands can spread some pampering and positivity with these spa items!


logo nail file and buffer toolNeed an indoor date idea? Looking to improve oneself while in isolation? Want to bring the whole family together? Searching for the perfect promo item to give to one and all during this strange time?


Then consider these five products for at-home spa nights!


Everyone may not be able to visit their favorite salons, massage therapists and facialists right now, but head-to-toe pampering can take place from the comfort of houses around the world. silicone wearable nail polish bottle holder


This is a great activity for individuals, couples or groups, and it is a fun way to promote wellness, camaraderie and your brand, since these gifts can all be customized with names/logos. 


First up is a manicure set that comes with tools such as nail scissors, nail clippers and tweezers, as well as a nail file, cuticle pusher and nail cleaner. 


custom exfoliating glovesThere are also tools that double as a nail file and a buffer, like this useful one with its fan blade design. 


Painting fingernails just got a lot easier, thanks to this silicone wearable nail polish bottle holder!


Feet need love, too, and a foot file is an effective way to smooth, scrub and satisfy them.


Exfoliating gloves remove layers of dead skin and improve blood calculation, making for even more relaxing showers and baths.