5 Keys to Implementing a Successful Wellness Program

  • Jul 20, 2010

5 Ideas to Designing a Corporate Wellness Incentive ProgramAfter collecting all the data, selecting a committee, setting goals, and choosing which health and wellness activities to implement with your health and wellness program you must be anxious to get things going on the home front. Now is the time to decide how to introduce the program to the rest of the company. If your wellness program plan was implemented correctly, all you need to do now is follow through.

There are 5 steps to implementing a successful wellness program.

1. Formally Introduce the Wellness Program

• Use statements that assert the importance of the wellness program.
• Explain the company’s commitment to employee health and safety.
• Announce any new or give a refresher on any old policy about tobacco use, healthy diet and wellness activities.

2. Communicate Your Program
• Explain how to participate.
• Clarify all of the options and activities.
• Use a variety of communication strategies get the message out.

Wellness Program Communication Channels
• Newsletter Letters
• Postings on the computer software – when people log in the will see the message
• Word of mouth – encourage participants to talk about the program
• Hold a meeting
• Distribution – pass out flyers, pamphlets, and other promotional items
• table toppers
• kiosk where – a free standing unit where all material is promoted or found
• Email messages
• Phone Calls
• Mailings

3. Use Wellness Program Incentives
• Use incentives to motivate employee participation.
• Incentives will boost company morale.
• Employee loyalty is increased when incentives are used.

Wellness Program Incentive Ideas
• Discounts on health insurance
• Fitness Club memberships
• Flexible work time options
• Give “Wellness Days” added to regular vacation days
• Gift certificates to healthy restaurants
• Exercise equipment
• MP3 Player to listen to while exercising
• Emergency kits
• T-Shirts
• Water bottles

4. Access Community Resources And Other Resources That Provide Wellness Services
• The local health department should be able to provide an extensive list of wellness resources.
• Talk with your company health care provider to get ideas for wellness activities and information.
• Locate vendors that can provide comprehensive wellness services for corporations. They have experts that can help you strategize and find the best options for your program.

5. Implement your program as planned
• Document information and outcomes.
• Use the results to modify your plan as necessary.

By following these 5 simple steps, you will help to maximize the success of your corporate wellness incentive program.

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