14 Ideas to Help Employees Reach Their Wellness Goals

  • Aug 5, 2010

Proven Ideas to Help Employees Learn Better Health BehaviorsIn the report, “Why and How People Change Health Behaviors”, from the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA), we find lots of experiences from people who have made successful behavioral changes for reasons of health.

The purpose of the report is to:
1) Motivate people to adopt behavioral change
2) to help those who are at present changing their lifestyle
3) to give hope and support to those whose attempts had failed in the past.

It is important to note that positive behavior has the greatest impact on our health and lives and is the key to any wellness program. Lots of people, who are currently indulging in poor behaviors, want to change, but do not know the method.

The following 14 tips have come out from the individuals for successful change of health behavior.

1. Realize every person has different needs, time constraints and motivations.

2. Know thoroughly about the change that you are about to adopt and what to realistically expect in getting to this goal.

3. Venture with full confidence and preparation.

4. Set realizable goals which will enable you to measure the extent of your success in changing healthy behavior for the betterment.

5. The speed and amount of progress may vary across individuals but there should be the same level of maximum commitment.

6. Take day to day steps for realization of the changes instead of a long term change at one go.

7. Frame in your mind how to tackle some difficult situations which might crop up in future while undergoing the changes.

8. Controlling our environment is the most vital step for making lifestyle changes for health reasons.

9. Big changes cannot be realized overnight. So go for small short steps to achieve maximum success.

10. Support from family members, colleagues, friends, and co-workers are all very essential.

11. Compliments from others are really inspiring and motivating.

12. Even if there is a small lapse, do not let that affect your long term progress. In other words, do not be discouraged by small failures.

13. It is one successful change that paves the way for another.

14. Self acknowledgement of your accomplishments is very important. Present yourself with small rewards at every step of success. That is one of the ways a wellness incentive program can help with positive reinforcement.

These 14 tips are the pillars of successful lifestyle changes that enable people to secure long term health and happiness. A very important tool as your employees continue with their programs is to encourage them to jot down what are things that he learned and what should be his/her next course of action.

A corporate wellness program will have much greater success as al participants understand that the road to success can take time, and expectations are realistic, and setbacks are to be expected.

Here’s to a healthier workplace.

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